Estimated Benefits

Estimated Benefits for the Water and Sanitation Project
Time Estimated Economic Rate of Return (ERR) Estimated beneficiaries Estimated net budget

At compact closure


80 per cent




$ 30,000


Project Description

The Water Supply and Sanitation Project was designed to improve access to safe, reliable water supplies and sanitation services among the Maasai tribe, recognizing that lack of access to these resources are a barrier to growth and health. This project aims to increase productivity and reduce waterborne diseases—one of the leading causes of death in children under five in Tanzania. The project was also designed to address issues of inadequate access and unreliable service delivery in small- to mid-sized villages in Ngorongoro and Longido area in Arusha Tanzania. The Project also aims to construct more than 20 rural water points (boreholes with hand pumps). Additionally, Kuhetours and other stakeholders are working hard to develop and apply new strategies to promote sustainable water resources infrastructure in the areas mentioned above. Kuhetours is inviting and happy to hear from anyone interested in joining hands in whatever ways in order to reach this project Objectives.

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